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The first pottery studio was only 7.5 square meters sized room in a wet house basement. The first oven, an electric wheel to throw pots and ton of clay. Virginijus worked alone, primarily. He kneaded clay, sculpted, burned, painted. The first products were bells, whistles and cow. “Especially there were manufactured cows, bulls – it was a bull year in the Eastern horoscope, so I expected that such products will be in demand. Virginijus took the first output and the meter-long folding table, went from Žemaitija region (Lithuania) to Casimir Fair in Vilnius”, – remember he. He sold wares and earned exactly how much was invested in the business. Virginijus started to produce larger quantities and began to carry goods fairs in Palanga, Klaipeda, Nida .

Currently, the reorganized 160 square meters studio potters working in a harmonious team, which is not only in Lithuania, but also in Russia and the European market, producing more than 700 different series of products. It will carry out individual orders by customer requests, will produced utensils for bars, cafes, restaurants and souvenirs which is produced with the special attributes and with the company logo.

All utensils are annealed at very high temperatures and produced from organic materials, so are resistant to heat. Witty, original , made with love and warmth handmade products creates an artistic atmosphere of the interior and national in its character, also can decorate the interior, which reflect the originality, subtlety and can to impress even the most fastidious customer.