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Tree care, harvesting and thinning:

  • Tree felling in forests and other areas;
  • Lopping the branches of trees;
  • Shrubs thinning;
  • Individual tree felling of old;
  • Tree and shrub planting,transplanting;
  • Watering, pruning, renewal;
  • Forming the crown;
  • Dead, wind-gate, emergency tree removal;
  • Spray against pest;
  • Destruction of the root system development;
  • Pulling stumps;
  • Grinding;

Areas care:

  • Mechanized street sweeping;
  • Manual and mechanized cleaning areas;
  • Garbage collection and removal;
  • Sand pouring salt mixtures;
  • Snow removal;
  • Sanitation services;
  • Transport services;
  • Spec. equipment rental;

Landscaping design, equipment and maintenance:

  • Lawn equipment
  • Reparation and planting flowers;
  • Parks;
  • Squares of grass mowing;
  • Grass cutting in high-voltage cables;
  • Electrical substations.